My first whole cloth sampler

How to turn an odd napkin into a heirloom piece

Since I took a class about whole cloth quilts I'm hooked!

I try to learn everything about backgrounds, light and shadow, movement and focus. I'm lucky having a sister who also loves this style of quilting and she will pay for the material of our new project :-) . Soon we found a wonderful tablecloth made in France and purchased in Netherlands. Before I start this wonderful project I need some practice. Here is an old napkin with cutwork I used for my first try.

Not too bad...uhhhh?

Feathers, Pebbles and Swirls

About craftsy classes

Pebbles, Swirls and feathers - FMQ learned in craftsy classes
Pebbles, Swirls and feathers - FMQ learned in craftsy classes


 When I started with quilting I was just overwhelmed about all the patterns and quilting. Step by step I expanded my skills, pieced more and more difficult blocks, added great tools to my sewing room stash and mastered my 1/4" seam.


After all when it came to quilt the sandwhich I was clueless.


A tremendious help for my "lonely wolf quilting life" is craftsy. Craftsy offers online quilting classes and they are having awesome teachers. Every time when I collected some little dollars (which does not happen often because all my money goes into fabric stores - LOL) I purchase a class and I can tell that with these classes my quilting made a quantum jump.


My favourite teachers are Leah Day, Angela Walters and Cindy Needham.


Thank you for all the great lessons and

breathing life into my quilts !


Woohoooo - my first ribbon

First Place (blue ribbon) and Reserve Champion (pink rosette)

Last year I made a cute little wall hanging for my friend Rory and sent it to her in a parcel with some other little whimpsicals. September 2015 she got the idea to enter this wall hanging into a show and tadaaaaa: I won a ribbon!

You can tell how proud I am and I could burst!

I used different tecniques for the wall hanging. The lyrics and names and hearts and stars are handembroidered and the gingham heart is appliqued with needleturn. The little envelope opens to a heart and carries a little secret letter for my friend....

The girl is mine....

after 10 years saving money and drooling over sewing machine brochures, here she is:

My new Bernina 770 QE


 No, I did not win the lottery but I feel like I got the jackpot!


After I've sewn miles and miles of seams with my Bernina 1130 which was a great machine to learn all the skills I have now, I thought it's time to think about a new sewing machine that has everything I ever hoped for.


Thus I studied sewing machine brochures and  watched videos on youtube until I found what I want. Of course a new Bernina!


The girls stood in the first row when I asked  for compagnion for my travel to my sewing machine dealer. My 10" Effner Boneka girls jumped up and down heavily weaving.


And they did good! They told the dealer about every feature Mummy needs to make that tiny clothes for them and they supported me with negotiations and have been as sweet as can be. Nobody can resist this little darling faces! Can you see them dancing and hear singing?:


Yes, we are Bernina girls!

Playing with Sunbonnet Sue

Every American Woman remembers Sunbonnet Sue.

One of the oldest quilt applique patterns inspired me to play a bit with scraps. You know all the beautiful fabric scraps which are begging to be not thrown away.

I'm planning to make a wall hanging quilt which will not be in the laundry often. Therefore I used some bits of felt to create some little pieces like leafes and stems....

And all of a sudden I recognized:

The cutest Sunbonnet Sue who ever breathed!!!!

My very own and and the cutest Sunbonnet Sue: my daughter when she was 3 years old
My very own and and the cutest Sunbonnet Sue: my daughter when she was 3 years old

It's not a mystery having fun

but it's fun having a mystery!

You don’t know what a mystery is? Me too! Ha ha ha!

And all of a sudden there is a mystery going on in the group.

Our wonderful moderators of my quilt talk group set up a mystery. She posted fabric requirements and pre-cutting instructions. All we know is: we are all going to sew a quilt the same date, the same time in different places all over the world.

Therefore the last two days I’ve chosen fabrics – light, dark and medium –and spent the days cutting squares and looking forward to July 13th.

The first clue will be posted at 9.00 a.m. eastern time. Uhhh, that means waiting until 4.00 p.m. here in Germany.

My scissors are sharpened, my sewing machine threaded, 660 pieces cut, diagonal lines marked….

Let the fun begin!

660 pieces of mystery
660 pieces of mystery

And a few hours later.....

Broadway Star
Broadway Star

... a Star is born!

Bags bags bags...

Tutorial for cosmetic bag in german from pattydoo

Under construction

We quilters just call it UFO's - unfinished objects


Quilters always have different works in different steps of process. That's because we have so much patterns and fabrics and colours dancing in our head.

When I work on a quilt I always have the next already in my mind.

Sometimes I can't wait to try a pattern - then I set my current work beside and start to sew a block for my next quilt.

Well such is life - a quilter's life!


You made a quilt with all your love? It was hard work to set everything together?


Be proud and let the world know that you did this!


Labeling your quilt is the top of the cream and it is the most important thing to give your quilt the personal touch.

I'm doing my labels with handembroidery or paint it with fabric colour.


Here I show some of my labels, I did this way.


The perfect stool for quilting....

ha ha and hubby thought it's his stool
ha ha and hubby thought it's his stool


Not only quilts

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